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και επίσης κάτι που είναι σημαντικό, πότε και από ποιους θα θεωρηθεί ότι έχουν ανευρεθεί αυτοί οι θεσμοί και λειτουργίες ώστε να καταργηθεί το κράτος;

To keep track of all of your current current and earlier transactions in Market, visit the Your Items area. There, you could see your saved merchandise, merchandise you’ve posted for sale, and all your messages with persons.

Style and design me a logo 5 dias remaining ...recruitment consultancy, the logo will Preferably be in black and white (likely gray included but i'm Uncertain), and can search slick and Skilled. It could integrate the Greek letter sigma in a variety of strategies and open up to Imaginative strategies in general.

In addition, in Athens IMC we have been acquiring quite a few mails from men and women living in cyprus, people who are involved in the movements, complaining about your situation in Cyprus IMC.

We wish to verify The point that “indymedia” CYPRUS is controlled by a handful of people who have nothing at all to do Using the grassroots Local community in the island.

Εμείς δεν υποστηρίξαμε και ούτε θα το κανουμε καμια διζωνική ομοσπονδια ως λύση, αλλά δεν θα συστρατευθούμε και με τους εθνικόφρονες!

Once you uncover some thing attention-grabbing, faucet about the impression to discover extra particulars from the vendor, together with an item description, click here the identify and profile Image of the seller, and their typical spot. You may also help save the product to discover it later on.

Like a member of your anarchist mobilizations through the yrs 2000 - 2005 I have personally witnessed Cyprus Indymedia endeavours that can help anarchists who ended up trialed in Cyprus by means of volunteer function and presentations in court docket.

δεν μπορεί να θεωρείται ενναλλακτικός λόγος αυτός ο οποίος αναπαράγει επιχειρήματα για κράτη έθνη μέσα στα πλαίσια αυτού του άθλιου συστήματος

Ξεκινώ όμως με την κατανόηση ότι υπάρχει εκ προοιμίου μια έλλειψη εμπιστοσύνης ανάμεσα μας η οποία δε γνωρίζω σε τι οφείλεται και αισθάνομαι ότι δεν έχουμε πράξει κάτι για να την αξίζουμε.

Δε γνωρίζω αν διαφωνούμε καθώς δεν είχαμε ποτέ ουσιαστικό διάλογο επί των θεμάτων και δεν έχεις ακούσει τις θέσεις μου επί του θέματος.

We feel that Indymedia is usually a conquest in the libertarian anti-authoritarian movement and that the precise circumstance of Cyprus Indymedia can be a obtrusive dissonance.

και αν θέλουν οι διαχειριστές αυτου του blog site να ονομάζονται imc ας καλέσουν ανοικτή συνέλευση προς όλους

The most recent and many immediate Hazard that Cyprus faces now would be that the world-wide Imperialist powers, together with the invading power (Turkey) and Using the blessings from the fake "remaining" ruling course of Cyprus, have made a decision to declare the occupation and ethnic cleansing as "lawful", and make a "final Alternative" towards the Cyprus conflict in the shape of an Apartheid Point out.

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